About nine years ago, you lost everything. Your  family. Your home. You were kidnapped by cultists and experimented on for years. Eventually, you escaped. But you were no longer alone in your body. Through the years, and living with a demon in your head, you grew to learn about the supernatural and the secrets of the world you never knew existed. You became a Hunter, killing the dangerous monsters that lurk in the dark. You found a comfortable routine, but things are suddenly brought crashing back when a teenager is murdered and you are sent to investigate.

  • Work together with your newly formed team of Hunters to investigate a cult.
  • Find out the truth about what happened to you and why.
  • Do something about the demonic passenger stuck sharing your body.
  • Discover what happened to your family, for better or worse.
  • Find love with one of your new team members or an old friend.
  • Maybe get your life together?

Content Warnings: violence, gore, drug & alcohol use, strong language, abuse, mentions of suicide

Romance Options

Isabelle – She is an Agent of the Council. Stubborn and quick to anger, she is reluctantly working with you on the case. She has had to learn how to be charming, but prefers to be blunt.

Eris – A fellow Hunter for the Company and your assigned partner for this case. She is flirty and mischievous. She tends to get herself into trouble, but is able to get herself out of it. Mostly.

Charlie – She's been working in the Company almost as long as you have and keeps it running smoothly. She's taken to looking after you, whether you want her to or not.

Jarrod – He is a mage and, though he doesn't work for the Council, is tagging along to help your new team with the case. He is sweet and tends to be more than a little nervous.

Marshall – He is an Agent of the Council and hard to read. He is part of the team you are stuck working with. He takes everything a bit too seriously and tends to be rather rigid in his beliefs.


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Really liked this Pls Continue it!

This is amazing, but just like every other IF I've found so far, it's not finished and that makes me sad. The  wait to see more of it will be painful because I really like this one :(  Sigh.

None the less thank you for making it. ^_^

Any chance the Alras will become a romance option?

Unfortunately, there is no plan for Alras to become a romance option. There is a small chance that I might add a route for her after I have finished the game, but that would be a long way away.


ahhh I love the characters and I love the group's dynamic 😍🥺 is this gonna fully be found family trope (if we have positive relationships?) cause that's absolutely my kryptonite. can't wait to see where the story goes!!


I am so excited for the next seasons of superstition!

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This story/game  kind of reminds me of this other thing I played called Superstition





Also if this game is like that then HELL YES I WANNA PLAY IT


Hey me neither! Oh and have you checked out the new updates for  The Crown  yet


Yeah im actually dowloading it rn lmaoo!


Cool, beans.


Loved the game, i'm excited how the story is going to continue.


love the game thx for making it 


Great story so far, looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work :)